Nassif Arbitration has a wealth of experience in commercial arbitration whether ad hoc or institutional.

The combined experience and the reputation of our professionals in the field of Arbitration, makes us a natural choice for our clients.

As recognized leaders in the field, we have built knowledge and experience over the last 20 years with more than 150 cases in 15 countries.

The fact that our professionals have such in-depth knowledge and considerable experience in the world of arbitration is also a major asset when establishing an arbitration tribunal.

In addition to their activity as party’s representatives, our professionals are regularly appointed as arbitrators (whether sole arbitrator, co-arbitrator or Chairman) in arbitration proceedings both institutional and ad hoc. This allow us to sit in under a variety of international and regional rules and in various cases seated in the UK, France, USA, Switzerland and throughout the Middle East.


Our boutique practice is able to intervene if a difficulty arises in the constitution of an arbitral tribunal or regarding a request for provisional measures.